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Unless education and experience equivalencies are specified in an individual job announcement, the following equivalencies will apply:

Substitution of Experience for Education

One year of relevant experience may be substituted for each year of required education. For example: If a position requires a Bachelor's degree and you have no college credits, you may substitute four years of relevant experience for the Bachelor's degree. One additional year of relevant experience may be substituted for a graduate degree. For example: If a position requires a Master's degree and you have neither a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree, you may substitute five years of relevant experience for the required education.

Substitution of Education for Experience

Conversely, unless otherwise specified, one year of relevant education at the undergraduate level may be substituted for one year of required experience. For example: If a position requires two years of experience, you could substitute 60 credits of relevant study toward a Bachelor's degree for the two year experience requirement. You will be considered as having the equivalent of a degree if you have completed 120 credit hours with a major in a relevant field. Credit for one year of experience will be given for each relevant degree above Bachelor degree level (second or additional Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate). You may substitute relevant courses for experience, provided that you submit a statement identifying the course for which you wish to be credited. In general, when equating education and experience, 2.5 credit hours will be considered to be equivalent to one month of experience (one quarter hour equals 0.75 credit hours).

Substitution of Specialized Training

You may substitute relevant specialized training completed in non-credit programs provided that the total classroom hours for each course can be documented and are supplied in your resume or attachments. Equivalency is on an hour-for-hour basis for relevant training. One full work year is considered to be equivalent to 2,080 hours.

Level of Experience

Only related professional level experience will be credited for professional positions. Non-professional level experience may not be substituted for the required professional level experience. In certain instances, non-professional experience may be substituted for educational requirements.

Volunteer Experience

Pertinent volunteer experience with civic, welfare, or service organizations with or without compensation may be credited. Show the actual amount of time spent in such work (for example, average hours per week or month). Provide complete work history information on your resume just as you would for a paid position. One full year of experience is considered to be 2,080 hours.


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