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Who is eligible?

Students who are enrolled in a degree program from an accredited college or university may apply for the County’s internship program.

When is the deadline for applying?

You may apply for internship positions year-round. Typically the internships are offered on a semester basis. Internships are advertised on the County’s web site.

How do I apply?

For paid internships (Public Administrative Intern and Public Service Intern), you can apply on-line. Using the "Back" button, go back to "Current Job Opportunities." Click on job titles Public Administration Intern and/or Public Services Intern, and find the internship that interests you. See instructions at How to Apply.

For unpaid internships, using the "Back" button, go back to "Internship and Work-Based Learning Opportunities" and use the search feature to find an internship that interests you. Send a resume to the contact person listed in the internship ad. Send a separate resume for each internship that interests you.

How are interns selected?

For paid internships, resumes are reviewed for the advertised minimum qualifications. Resumes of applicants meeting the minimum qualifications may be forwarded to an intern supervisor for review, interview and selection. A qualified rating is valid for six months. Supervisors may select from the list of valid applicants who meet the minimum qualifications as vacancies arise.

For unpaid internships, resumes are initially reviewed for relevant knowledge, skills and abilities. The intern supervisor selects several candidates for interview, and selects an intern from among those interviewed. The successful candidate will be notified of the start date.

Can I earn academic credits while working as an intern?

Earning school credits for internships varies from school to school. You will need to contact the career center at your school or your advisor to find out the school’s requirements for earning academic credits for internships.

How long does the Internship last?

An internship experience is typically a semester in length. However, longer work experience may be available depending on your schools’ work experience program.

How many hours I am expected to work?

You are expected to work up to 20 hours per week. We are flexible about the days and time you will be working, depending upon your school schedule.

Does the County’s Internship Program accept individuals with disabilities?

Yes. The County is an equal opportunity employer. Placement is based on qualifications and performance, regardless of your race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or family status. If you need accommodation for the application process or the internship assignment, please contact us at 240-777-5000, 240-777-5126(TTY), or email us at

What is the role of the intern supervisor?

The supervisor develops the assignments to meet the needs of the organization and the student. The supervisor also provides orientation to the intern on the intern's first day, and frequently meets with the intern to provide instructions, guidance and feedback.

What do I need to do when I finish the internship?

Before you finish your internship you will have an opportunity to discuss your experience with your supervisor. You will be given the opportunity to complete an evaluation form to provide feedback on your internship experience with us. We value intern feedback and use it to improve the internship program for future interns.


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