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Phil's Views On Fiscal Accountability & Personnel

  • Councilmember Andrews' Comments About Tentative Approval of Fiscal Year 2015 Operating Budget (See Comments)
  • Proposed County Budget Straitjackets Taxpayers (See Commentary)
  • Statement of Councilmember Andrews on County Executive Leggett's Recommended Fiscal Year 2015 Operating Budget (See Press Release)
  • Montgomery County Can't Afford These Pay Raises.  Letter to the Editor Published in The Washington Post on April 19, 2013 (See Commentary)
  • Energy Tax, Proposed Pay Raises are Excessive. An op-ed in the Gazette Published on March 20, 2013 (see commentary)
  • Councilmember Andrews' Statement on County Executive Leggett's Fiscal Year 2014 Operating Budget (See Press Release)
  • When Will Montgomery Stand Up to Annapolis?  Published in The Washington Post on January 11, 2013 (See Commentary)
  • Vote for Question A to Expand Hiring of People with Disabilities.  Published in the Gazette on October 3, 2012. (See Commentary)
  • Proposed Charter Amendment to Expand Opportunities for County Government to Hire People with Disabilities.  June 18, 2012 Memo to County Councilmembers (See Memo)
  • Councilmember Andrews Commentary about Fiscal Year 2012 Property Tax Rate. May 18, 2011 Op-Ed in The Gazette (See Commentary)
  • Council Approves Andrews' Legislation to End "Imputed Compensation" Regarding Pensions (See Press Release)
  • COUNTY BUDGET: How Best to Spend Less, June 10, 2009 Op-Ed in the Gazette (See Article)
  • Statement of County Councilmembers Phil Andrews and Marilyn Praisner regarding proposals for targeted property tax relief (See Press Release)
  • The Time Is Now for Property Tax Relief By Phil Andrews. Published in the Potomac Almanac May 13, 2004 (See Press Release)
  • Spot Checker for Bad Apples.  May 11, 2003 Op-Ed published in The Washington Post (See Commentary)


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