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Board Of Appeals

Board of Appeals - 2001 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
12/28/01 Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology S-862-A & A-5599
12/28/01 James Farr A-5683
12/28/01 Paul and Marilyn Van Wagner A-5681
12/28/01 David Welna and Kathleen Wheaton A-5677
12/28/01 Karen M. and Roland W. Schumann A-5673
12/28/01 Choung Gil Lim A-5663
12/14/01 Charles C. McLaughlin A-5668
12/14/01 McDonald's Corporation S-610-B
12/06/01 Gregory J. Kenel and Steven M. Kenel S-1244
12/05/01 Jose and Maribel Romero A-5666
11/30/01 William S. and Isabel G. Glading A-5667
11/30/01 Marsha Baumgarner A-5665
11/15/01 Stephen J. and Lena M. Marcellino A-5657
11/14/01 Harold Snider A-5661
11/13/01 Williams Communication, Inc. S-2475
11/08/01 Reda and Nadia Asaad A-5658
11/08/01 Donald Park A-5649
11/08/01 Tanya and Thomas E. Callahan A-5638
11/08/01 Krystyna Boron A-5622
11/08/01 Barbara Rappeport A-5555
11/02/01 Marion W. Southworth A-5654
11/02/01 James and Jennifer Voorhees A-5646
11/02/01 Joan and Ken Lorber A-5645
11/02/01 Bullis School, Inc. S-687-E
11/01/01 Smart Development/Premiere Homes, LLC S-2355-A
11/01/01 Chevy Chase Club, Inc. S-245-B
10/30/01 Norwood School S-285-D
10/25/01 Aron and Elisha Friedman A-5633
10/22/01 Ambassador Animal Hospital, Inc. S-2469
10/19/01 Judy E. Blair and William B. Ricks A-5637
10/19/01 Paul Weiss and Bob Crain A-5634
10/18/01 Jay and Anne Kolyer A-5635
10/16/01 Margaret Brodnick A-5632
10/11/01 Victor M. Faustino A-5631
10/11/01 Mark Rayford A-5624
10/05/01 M/I Schottenstein Homes, Inc. A-5630
10/03/01 White Flint Associates S-666-A
10/01/01 Adnan Haider S-2473
09/31/01 Cindy Williams A-5613
09/28/01 Arthur T. Koines A-5629
09/28/01 Mr. and Mrs. John Honig A-5619
09/27/01 Barry A. Malekzandi A-5627
09/27/01 Steve Knight and Karen Burditt A-5626
09/20/01 Susan & Terence Healy A-5611
09/19/01 Suburban Hospital, Inc. S-274-C
09/07/01 Peter & Lee-Ann Helffrich A-5592
09/07/01 Holton Arms School CBA-1174
09/06/01 Hastings Development A-5592
08/31/01 Cindy Williams A-5613
08/24/01 Andrew Tangborn & Sara Zhang A-5603
08/24/01 Jane & Eric Yaffe A-5602
08/24/01 Marta A. Fuentes A-5593
08/22/01 Rajagopal S. & Anuradha Iyer A-5587
08/21/01 Charles Sullivan A-5610
08/21/01 Julie Billingsley & John McNeil A-5608
08/16/01 Hampshire Village Associates, Limited
Partnership & Victory Housing, Inc.
S-2459 & S-2460
08/13/01 Peter & Julie Connolly A-5607
08/08/01 Congressional Country Club CBA-1206-F
07/31/01 Rebecca Ward A-5596
07/31/01 James Ronald Hill A-5595
07/31/01 Tim Driscoll A-5575
07/27/01 Glen Zimmerman A-5579
07/27/01 Larry Bonanno A-5573
07/25/01 Naoru Koizumi & Robert Wilen A-5582
07/25/01 Raji Tripathi-Chiramal A-5581
07/19/01 Scott & Courtney Pastrick A-5586
07/20/01 Gina & Paul Gamble A-5593
06/14/01 Lois Ehle A-5574
02/27/01 Lilian V. West A-5497
02/27/01 Carl E. & Margaret M. Zwisler A-5516
02/26/01 Rosemary J. Bean S-2458
01/24/01 Kenwood Golf & Country Club S-689-C & CBA-2590-A

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