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Hiring Employees

Montgomery County has one of the most well-educated and diverse workforces in the country. See below to learn more about tapping into the County’s most valuable resource: the people.

Workforce Services 

WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. was established as part of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett’s economic development plan with the goal to promote job training and placement for county workers and meet the workforce needs of county employers. The system established as part of this plan places responsibility for the county’s workforce system outside of the county government’s structure and in the hands of community business leaders and stakeholders.

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​​​​​​Maryland seeks to promote economic growth and vitality by leveraging opportunities to develop a talent pipeline that aligns with industry needs. A variety of programs can help your business identify and train new workers, or upgrade the skills of your existing workers. 

Business Operations

Montgomery County regulates certain employer-employee practices. Please be sure to review county regulations under Business Operations so that you are aware of how they apply to your business. 



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