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Find a Community Group

Play an active role in making Montgomery County a better place!

Volunteers are needed at local community groups, nonprofits and "greens" to participate in clean-ups, attend local events as a representative of the organization and join leadership teams.  Find the group that most interests you and is in your community.

Community Greens 

Image of Silver Spring Green Montgomery County’s neighborhoods each have their own personality and history. Similarly, each community has to deal with unique environmental challenges, ranging from watershed pollution to increased development. The problems are different and so are the solutions.

Groups of county residents are leading the charge to face these challenges. They have formed “community greens”– small nonprofits or volunteer groups focused on developing projects that promote sustainable living, green businesses and the health of people and the environment.


Watershed Groups

Image of Eyes of Paint Branch volunteers


Montgomery County Watershed groups were created by everyday citizens.  Each groups’ mission is to protect a local watershed located right here in Montgomery County.

Local watershed groups work in specific areas of the County to clean and maintain local rivers and streams.  They educate local communities on the importance of protecting local waters.  In addition, they encourage everyone to adopt good practices to protect water quality.



Nonprofit Organizations

There are numerous organizations in the County who are committed to maintaining a healthy environment. Many of them are looking for volunteers, and all are interested in sharing their mission with you.


Anacostia Watershed Society

Local Groups