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Clean Energy Incentives

Maryland Home Energy Loan Program

The Maryland Clean Energy Center and Maryland Energy Administration have partnered to provide unsecured loans of up to $20,000 at as low as 6.99% interest rate to qualifying Maryland property owners interested in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Remember the loan program works best when used with Home Performance Program offered by your utilities. For more information, visit the Maryland Home Energy Loan Program


Maryland Clean Energy Grant Program

Operated by the Maryland Energy Administration, the Residential Clean Energy Grant Program provides grants for a variety of clean energy installations for homeowners. Including:

  • $1,000 per solar photovoltaic installation
  • $500 per solar water heating installation
  • $3,000 per geothermal heating and cooling installation 

Note that funds often run out quickly, so make sure you reach out to the Maryland Energy Administration for updated information. 


Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable energy certificates document the “clean energy” attributes of a solar electric, solar thermal or geothermal system. These certificates can be sold using a process developed by the Maryland Public Service Commission to meet state regulatory requirements levied on energy suppliers. The good news is this can result in cash for you if you own and operate your system (if you lease, your provider has most likely sold these on your behalf). The process is a little hard to navigate, so it is definitely something to talk to your provider about. 

Learn more about RECs.


Federal Clean Energy Tax Credit

Residents who installed solar energy systems, geothermal heatpumps, or small wind turbines before December 2016 may be eligible for a 30% tax credit.  Federal Clean Energy Tax Credit is one of the single largest incentives for the installation of these environmentally beneficial technologies.