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Goshen Estates Stormwater Pond Upgrades

As a part of the county's effort in protecting our waters, a stormwater pond within the Goshen Estates community was selected for restoration to help reduce stormwater pollution draining into our streams.

Various public events will be held throughout the project phases for residents to learn about the project and to provide input on the design of the project. Check out the Project Schedule at the bottom of the page for more information!




Project Facts
Project Status: In Design
Total Drainage Area: 52.7 Ac
Total Percent Impervious: 12%
Total Stream Project Length: N/A
Estimate Costs:  TBD
Monitoring: No
Watershed: Seneca Creek
Contact: Ryan Gardiner
Phone: (240) 499-8531

      *Information is subject to change

     Image of Goshen Estates

     To download, click (PDF, 1.63 MB)


Public Events and Site Schedule
Event Date / Time Location
Survey and Site Analysis Spring 2014  
Preliminary Site Assessment Spring 2014  
Public Meeting     
Concept Design Plans Spring 2014  
Community Walk    
Final Plans Fall 2014  
Construction Fall 2015  

*Project Schedule is tentative and dates are subject to change