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The Bennett Creek Subwatershed


Located in western Montgomery County, Bennett Creek flows southwesterly into Frederick County, where it converges and flows into the Monocacy River.

The Bennett Creek subwatershed supports a cool-water fish community that includes:

  • Potomac sculpin

  • Central stoneroller, and

  • Common shiners

Stream conditions in Bennett Creek has been affected by past agricultural land uses, and these impacts are still evidenced by areas of bank instability and some sedimentation. Generally, conditions are better where good forested stream buffers were left in place. Stream conditions are improving where the land has been farmed with modern best management practices or left idle, allowing forest cover to come back over time.

The Bennett Creek subwatershed is mostly in private ownership. It is predominately zoned as an agricultural preserve, with agriculture as the preferred land use and some residential development occurring on large lots (usually over 25 acres). This subwatershed has somewhat less overall forest cover than does Little Bennett Creek, although most of its streams have some level of forested buffer protection.

The headwater areas of Bennett Creek are influenced by imperviousness and related runoff impacts from the town center of Damascus, located at the top of the drainage.

Image of the Bennett Creek