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Dry Seneca Creek Subwatershed

Image of Dry Seneca CreekDry Seneca Creek, originating south of Barnesville, is a large tributary to Seneca Creek. A drive along Montevideo Road, above Poole's Store, crosses an old metal span bridge over a County stream that flows much as it has for the past hundred years; this is Dry Seneca Creek.

The stream conditions in Dry Seneca Creek are generally good, although habitat conditions tend to be influenced by high levels of sediment deposits. The towns of Beallsville and Poolesville are located on the western edge of the drainage and influence conditions in the Upper Dry Seneca Creek and Russell Branch.


A Journey Through Dry Seneca Subwatershed

Change has come to the upper reaches of Dry Seneca Creek as the town of Poolesville has grown. The subwatershed still remains in primarily agricultural, with the exception of developed areas within the town of Poolesville. Large-lot residential uses within the agricultural preserve are beginning to appear across the area.

The upper reaches of Dry Seneca Creek contain forested tributaries. In the southern part of the subwatershed, the stream bed has cut down to reveal blocks of red sandstone bedrock. The fish community includes large populations of central stonerollers that feed on the algae coating these sandstone blocks. This is also one of the very few County subwatersheds where the eastern silvery minnow is found.


► Dry Seneca Creek Subwatershed Study (PDF, 636KB)

► Dry Seneca and Little Seneca Subwatershed Pre-Assessment (PDF, 7.92MB)


How Can I Help Protect the Dry Seneca Creek Subwatershed?

Individuals interested in helping to protect the health of the Dry Seneca Creek can contact the Seneca Creek Watershed Partners. This organization of local citizens prides itself in keeping the streams in the Seneca Creek watershed healthy and alive.

Map of Montgomery County with the Dry Seneca and Little Seneca subwatersheds highlighted
Little Seneca and Dry Seneca Subwatersheds