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Little Bennett Creek Subwatershed

Stream conditions in Little Bennett Creek vary considerably throughout the watershed. Specific areas of the watershed are influenced by the channelization of a lower tributary within the I-270 median, and the road crossings on Soper's Branch and Dark Branch. These crossings, which have created fish barriers, are being corrected through better designed stream crossings.

The water flow (hydrology) of Little Bennett Creek is influenced by the fracture formation in the watershed's underlying geology. Rock outcroppings are common along the hillsides of the park, and the underlying fault pattern makes the streams naturally "flashy." The streams have a naturally low baseflow at times, which rises and peaks rapidly following a runoff-producing rain.

Little Bennett Creek is a high-quality stream. However, habitat and flow problems currently limit the creek's ability to improve as a cold-water fishery. Restoration to improve the temperature regime of the Ballfield Tributary would measurably improve the quality of this resource. More large-lot residential development is expected in Little Bennett creek as development and construction increases in Clarksburg and the surrounding areas.

Image of little Bennett Creek Watershed