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Lower Monocacy Watershed


While the Lower Monocacy river is found in Frederick County, just under 20,000 acres of Montgomery County drain west to the river.The watershed encompasses about two thirds of the Montgomery County’s border with Frederick County. The Lower Monocacy watershed is the most rural watershed in Montgomery County, and is home to some of the better quality streams including Bennett and Little Bennett Creeks

Image of Monocacy Natural Resources Area in Lower Monocacy Watershed.


Subwatersheds of the Lower Monocacy


The majority of the Lower Monocacy watershed is undeveloped and remains agricultural or forested land. The greatest impacts to these watersheds is from agriculture activities. Increased nutrient loads, erosion, and sedimentation are all concerns in this area. Other problems include channelized areas and major road crossings, and some development of the headwaters.

Even with those challenges Little Bennett Creek remains a naturally reproducing trout stream. Future development will likely threaten the streams in this watershed as well.

The geology in the watershed makes the streams naturally flashy with extremely low baseflow during droughts. This same geology also results in many springs which provide cool water and excellent stream bug and salamander habitat.


► Lower Monocacy Watershed Implementation Plan (PDF, 1.62MB)

Map of the County with the Lower Monocacy highlighted.