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Rock Run Subwatershed

Rock Run and the small surrounding tributaries have an interesting history. The streams in these areas are closely linked to the Potomac River floodplain and C&O Canal corridor. Gold-mining activity occurred in both areas in the years following the Civil War. Evidence of this, including large excavations, spoil piles, and U-shaped excavated channels can be found in the Rock Run subwatershed, as well as forested areas still regenerating from the mining activity.

Rock Run subwatershed primarily drains residential land. The area contains a mix of older residences interspersed with newer planned communities. Habitat conditions in the streams are generally good because of the forested stream valleys and relatively recent development. Despite generally good habitat, the biological community in this subwatershed is showing signs of impairment, particularly the stream bug (macroinvertebrate) community, which has low abundance.

The fish community in Rock Run is typical of that found in a relatively small subwatershed in Montgomery County. Fantail darters, rosyside dace, and white suckers were found throughout stations monitored.

Image of Rock Run creek