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Stormwater Management Best Practices

Interested in installing a stormwater management practice on your property? Want to learn about the green street or stormwater facility in your neighborhood?

Find a stormwater management practice in the dropdown search below.  Search by property type and whether the facility is above or below ground.  

If you already maintain a stormwater management practice on your property, don't forget to take advantage of the Water Quality Protection Charge credit program.  For those installing a practice for the first time, see if you're eligible for a RainScapes Rewards Rebate.


Find a Stormwater Management Practice

Single and Multi-Family Properties

Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

Commercial Properties

Green Streets

Schools and County Facilities



Common Stormwater Management Practices of Montgomery County

Image of a rain garden.   Image of the Dennis Avenue Green Streets
Rain Garden   Green Street
Image of the stormwater pond at Stoney Creek   Image of a sand filter behind a row of townhomes
Stormwater Pond   Sand Filter
Image of a permeable pavement driveway   Image of a green roof.
Permeable Pavement   Green Roof
Image of a bioretention at the Germantown Swim Center   Image of conservation landscaping
Bioretention Garden   Conservation Landscaping
Image of a grass swale   Image of a cistern
Grass Swale with Infiltration Trenches   Cistern