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Water Quality Advisory Group

The Montgomery County Water Quality Advisory Group (WQAG) was established through Chapter 19, Article IV of the Water Quality Discharge Law. The WQAG provides a formal stakeholder group for public involvement in the County's watershed protection and restoration strategies. It includes 15 resident members and 3 non-voting agency members.

The WQAG provides recommendations to the County Executive and the County Council on water quality management goals and policies, program priorities, and funding. WQAG also provides input primarily by transmitting letters and an annual report. 

WQAG’s mission is to recommend policies, programs, and priorities that protect, maintain, and/or restore the biological, chemical and physical integrity of county streams, rivers, wetlands, groundwater, lakes, and other water resources. WQAG  recommendations are considered in shaping the water resources programmatic directions of the County.



Image of MembersWQAG is comprised of voting representatives from each of the following community categories:

  • Academic/scientific
  • Agricultural
  • Business
  • Environmental
  • Public-at-large
  • Public Agencies (non-voting)

These volunteers provide a valuable service to the community by presenting the concerns and viewpoints of the community sectors they represent on protecting the County's water resources.


Water Quality Advisory Group Members


Calendar of Advisory Group Activities


Meeting Summaries and Presentations


Meeting Presentations

Meeting Summaries


Letters and Resolutions


Annual Reports and Administration


Annual Reports


Administrative Forms and Links for WQAG Members


County Bills and Codes Concerning the WQAG