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Building Design and Construction

Judicial Center Annex

Funding/Expenditure Schedule: APPROVED

Project Team

AECOM Design
3101 Wilson BLVD, Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22201
Tompkins Builders, Inc.
1110 Vermont Avenue, NW,
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services
Section Chief
Rassa Davoodpour
(240) 777-6002
Project Manager
Randall Hawkins
(240) 777-6099

Night Work

If you have questions or concerns during the evening operations, please contact John Westbrook, Superintendent for Tompkins Builders, Inc., at (240) 515-9898 or Ray Steinmetz, Montgomery County Construction Representative, at (240) 672-5389.

For questions or concerns during the day please contact Randall Hawkins, Montgomery County Representative at (240) 777-6099 or Will Magness, Tompkins representative at (703) 906-0694.

Current Phase: Under Construction

Circuit Court Renovation

Terracotta Soldier on Display

The terracotta statue of a Chinese soldier is on permanent display in the Executive Office Building lobby. This statue is a gift from China to Montgomery County.

JCA Phase 1 and Phase 2 Construction Work

As construction on the Circuit Court Phase 1 and Phase 2 nears completion, other major capital improvements continue. Renovation of the first floor will be starting around April 15th. Other major construction activity has been the renovation of the plaza and traffic circle shared by the Executive Office Building and Circuit Court.

This project involves an addition to and renovation of the existing Judicial Center. The Judicial Center Annex is a six story building with one level underground parking and one level mechanical penthouse. The Annex provides ten additional courtrooms and administrative spaces. The renovation of the existing judicial center includes upgrading interior spaces, mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades. The project will be designed to comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines for LEED Silver (potentially Gold certification) which includes a green roof and roof mounted photovoltaic panels. The existing plaza and green spaces will be redesigned to invite public use of the space. The green space will include a water fountain, new trees, benches and a Memorial Walkway to receive the memorial plaques that will be relocated to allow for the construction of the Annex. Refer to the site plan image for the location of the Memorial Walkway.

The project consists of three phases. Phase one includes the existing Judicial Center HVAC renovation for floor 6-9 and the penthouse roof . Phase two includes the construction of the Annex and the phase three encompasses the interior renovation and upgrades of the remaining area of the existing Judicial Center.

Special Feature I - Project Animation

Special Feature II - Memorial Walkway

Circuit Court Interior Alteration – Law Library Renovation

Circuit Court Law Library Renovation

The reception desk, glass partition and wood panels are installed in the customer area of Law Library. The renovation of the remaining area of Law Library started on August 1st and moving forward as scheduled. This renovation project consists of 4 phases. The phase 1 construction is complete and occupied. Phase 2 construction has begun.

Broome Site Master Plan

Broome Site Master Plan

Helix Ramp Renovation

Structural repairs of the Circuit Court Helix Ramp and Garage are ongoing and scheduled to be completed in March 2018. This project involves renovations to the structure of the Helix Ramp and garage including slabs, walls, reinforcing, traffic coating and painting, accessible ramp at the Plaza level to the Circuit Court, sprinkler renovation at the driveway ramp, accessible concrete ramp restoration at the Plaza level and concrete pavement restoration at the breezeway north of the Circuit Court Building.

The project consists of five phases. Phases 1 through 3 are complete except the final water proof coating. The North entrance for access to G1 and G2 garage at the Maryland Avenue / Plaza Level is open for use while the access from south side is closed for current phase of the construction. Phases 4A and 4B construction consist of south garage entrance ramp and main entrance to courthouse which are underway.

Broome Site Master Plan

Broome Site Master Plan

Broome Site Master Plan

Broome Site Master Plan

Broome Site Master Plan

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