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Division of Fleet Management Services

About Fleet

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Fleet Management Division is an integral part of the Department of General Services and provides all vehicle and transportation services for the Montgomery County, MD. With customer mobility as our theme, Fleet Management owns and operates one of the largest government vehicle fleets in the State of Maryland consisting of 3231 vehicles. These vehicles serve the transportation needs of five County business groups that represent 30 individual departments.

The Fleet Management Division is unique in the services it provides to Montgomery County in that Fleet Management is not only the provider of traditional fleet services but has been designated as the County’s vehicle asset manager. Fleet Management’s goal is to be a “one-source” organization that provides all essential vehicle services including acquisition and disposal, preventive maintenance, repairs, regulatory compliance, pool vehicles and refueling services. Fleet Management consists of five business units: asset management, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, pool vehicles and administration. Specifically, 200 dedicated Fleet staff, 4 major maintenance locations and 11 fuel sites provide essential infrastructure in support of the County’s vehicle fleet consisting of sedans, law enforcement vehicles, light-duty trucks/vans, heavy-duty trucks, off-road and industrial equipment. In order to efficiently provide the broad scope of services offered, Fleet Management has established strategic private sector partnerships that assist in providing safe, reliable and cost effective transportation for Montgomery County.

Finally, Fleet Management has been innovative in designing and implementing some of the best business practices in providing competitive fleet services. In recognition of these efforts, Fleet Management has been ranked #30 in the 100 Best Fleets in the North America.

Our Vision

World-class fleet organization strategically focused on becoming the benchmarked leaders of innovative fleet operations, maintenance excellence, and exceptional teamwork. Leveraging technology to maximize operational efficiencies, fleet accountability and customer service. 
We will grow sustainable fleet initiatives, to reduce our environmental impact, provide advanced solutions in fleet equipment, and infrastructure to meet the growing demand of our county customers and community.
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Fleet Profile

Light 2430
Heavy 464
Transit 337


Mechanics 115
Crew Chiefs 23
Supply Technicians 20

ASE Certifications

ASE Technicians 85
Master ASE's 55


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