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Department of General Services, Office of Special Projects

Government Core Facilities

Government Core Facilities Optimization
Master Plan Study - February 2008

Download the Final Report (PDF | 12 MB)
This program includes study and analysis of the existing County-owned buildings within the Rockville Central Core (RCC) and the current and future staff requirements within the RCC and larger Rockville Core; evaluates benefits of moving staff from existing lease spaces throughout the County into County-owned space within the RCC; and explores the development potential of the existing County-owned land to satisfy the County's future growth needs to the year 2025.

Current Projects

The existing County facilities in this study are:

  • Executive Office Building
  • Judicial Center
  • Council Office Building
  • Council Office Building Parking Garage
  • Grey Courthouse
  • Red Brick Courthouse
  • Jury Parking Lot

Currently, Office of Special Projects (OSP) is designing a new Judicial Center Annex, renovating the existing Judicial Center, a new council office building, renovation of the Council building garage and a new Employees Access Bridge over Jefferson street.

  • The new Judicial Center Annex will consolidate existing Circuit Court functions located in the Gray Courthouse and Red Brick Courthouse. This will improve efficiency and customer service.
  • The new Council Office Building will:
    1. accommodate the tenants of the existing Council Office Building and their future growth and
    2. consolidates some County functions now located in leased space.