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MoCo Council Effectively Ends Veterans Homelessness
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Community Development Advisory Committee

The Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) is a diverse group of county residents appointed by the County Executive. Each fall the CDAC holds a public hearing on the community development needs of Montgomery County and the County's past performance in meeting those needs. In addition, the CDAC engages in a thorough and transparent review of applications for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Service Grants each fall. Along with a review of the written application, each non-profit applicant is given a chance to meet for thirty minutes with a subcomittee of the CDAC in order to promote their proposed project and to give CDAC members a chance to ask questions about the nature and value of the proposed project as well as the organization's ability to carry it out. This process culminates in providing specific funding recommendations to the County Executive for inclusion in the coming year's budget. New members are generally sought in the spring or summer. If you are interested in serving on this committee or require more information, or if you would like to contact members of the CDAC, please call Steve Brown at (240) 777-3685 or Matthew Greene at (240) 777-3631.

Created MCEO 165-94, dated October 17, 1994; Executive Order No. 176-95; effective date 9/26/95 revised name to CDAC:  Executive Order No. 191-07 effective date 6/19/07 revised to increase membership from 15 to 20.
Purpose Makes recommendations to the Director, Department of Housing and Community Affairs, and the County Executive on applications submitted for the Community Development Block Grant Program and any successors to this program; reviews the consolidated plan and makes recommendations on the plan; and conducts public hearings to review community development needs when necessary.
Membership No fewer than (15) or more than twenty (20) members serving during any given year. Membership should be broadly representative of the County as a whole, with participation encouraged by persons from low income, urban and rural areas, the elderly, women, minorities, persons for whom English is not a native language, persons who are or have been homeless, as well as by persons with physical or mental impairments. Employees of the County, HOC, MNCPPC or elected officials are not eligible to apply.
Terms Members are appointed by the County Executive and serve three year terms. Members may be reappointed by the CE no more than once. The Chairperson will be designated annually by the CE and may serve no more than two years.
Meetings A public hearing is held in October; meetings are held weekly while applications are being reviewed and recommendations developed. (Members will be asked to serve on one of three subcommittees).
DHCA Staff Matthew Greene (240) 777-3631, Steve Brown (240) 777-3685, Trivens Kargbo (240) 777-3794

Members: Deborah Rozell (Chair), Eric Baranick, Kenric Brooks, Jon Cook, Jasper Cox, Althea Grey-McKenzie, Judith Jamison, Mercy Joseph, Blaise Kapombe, Maria de la Cruz MaGowan, Tracee Matthias, Levi Pearson, Julie Peller, Daniel Prywes, Debra Roane, LaVonne Torrence-Berner, Barbara Wilson, Mekia Winder. 

Information on past CDBG Public Service Grants, the CFY17 CDBG grant application, and the Department's Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development can be found here:

Information for members, fall 2015

All fall meetings will be in the Council Office Building. Light dinner will be provided. 

October 21 (Wednesday). 
Public Hearing at 7:30, room TBD (pre-hearing meeting at 6:30, room TBD). 

October 27 (Tuesday) at 6:30 meeting for members only (room TBD). 

Every Tuesday evening will be applicant interviews with the rooms and times arranged by subcommittee (expect 3-4 evenings). Dates reserved are Nov 3, 10, 17, 24, and Dec 1. 


Rating Sheet

Budget Review Considerations

Reimbursement form

October 27, 2015 powerpoint show 

October 22, 2014 Public Hearing Transcript 2015 transcript will be posted soon after October 21