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Colesville Commercial Revitalization

At the request of local residents and business owners, the Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA) commissioned an analysis and recommendations report covering the commercial areas in the Montgomery County neighborhood of Colesville.  The project examined the physical conditions at business centers near the main intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road as well as further south on New Hampshire Avenue at the intersections with Eldrid Drive and Hollywood Avenue.  The study process during the fall of 2013 included two community meetings, each with the intent to relay information about the analysis (Colesville Design Study Community Meeting, September 17, 2013) and to gather input from interested members of the community for the recommendations (Colesville Commercial Area Design Study, November 2013).  The recommendations include site enhancements such as façade, signage and lighting improvements as well as efforts to aid pedestrians and improve traffic circulation.  Any potential implementation would include the participation of private property owners.

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