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MPDU Apartment Rentals Program


  • Montgomery County's Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program offers affordable rents at a number of MPDU apartment complexes located throughout the County.
  • Persons interested in the MPDU rental program must apply directly to the MPDU complex of their choice. The management companies at these complexes will provide an application, verify income and credit history, and determine eligibility or ineligibility to rent an MPDU apartment.
  • Here is a list of MPDU rental complexes.  For the most current information, or if you have questions, please call the apartment complex directly at the phone number listed.
  • DHCA no longer provides applications and no longer issues Certificates of Eligibility for MPDU rentals.

Are You Eligible?

All incomes are gross household income; that is, household income before taxes.

  • The minimum annual household income needed to afford an MPDU rental is approximately $30,000.  It is within the landlord’s discretion to set a lower or higher minimum.
  • Maximum annual household income (effective April 14, 2017):
    Household Size Maximum Income
    Garden Apartments High-Rise Apartments
    1 $50,000 $54,000
    2 $57,500 $62,000
    3 $64,500 $69,500
    4 $71,500 $77,000
    5 $77,500 $83,500

  • The maximum annual household income for renewing tenants is 130% of maximum of household income for new tenants based on household size.
  • You must:
    • have at least as many people in your household as the number of bedrooms in the apartment;
    • demonstrate a good credit rating that is acceptable to the apartment management; and
    • be able to afford the monthly rent payments for the MPDU rental property.
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