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The Village at King Farm

Montgomery County is pleased to announce that all the available Workforce Housing (WFH) units in The Village at King Farm have been sold.  However, the County expects that additional Workforce Housing units will be available for sale in the Fall or Winter of 2012-13.  Please check the Workforce Housing website for additional announcments regarding opportunities to purchase a Workforce Housing Unit in Montgomery County.  Any new information will be posted on this website.  Thank you for your interest in this program.

Description Arrow, up icon

Montgomery County's King Farm Workforce Housing (WFH) program provides an excellent and affordable opportunity to own a home in Montgomery County.  The WFH Program offers affordably priced condominiums to homebuyers with household incomes between 71% and 120% of the Washington DC area median income (between $48,500 and $128,500).

WFH units are sold at below market sales prices.  The sales prices for the WFH units are determined by the County, are based on the three income levels served by the program, and ensure affordable homes are available to each of the three income levels served by the program.

An approximately equal number of units will be available in each of these three groups.

Sales prices are based on a calculation using the midpoint of these ranges.  The following chart outlines the 49 units available at King Farm, average square feet, approximate monthly homeowners' association and condominium fee, and average sales price.  This chart is for illustrative purposes only. The individual unit prices, sizes, and other related information will be provided to you by the Sales Representative once the income tier for which your household qualifies is determined.

Sample Village at King Farm Property Information
Median Income Group Unit Type Avg. SF # Avail Avg. HOA Fee Avg. Sales Price
A 2 br/2.5 ba 1,196 16 $334 $207,760
B 2 br/2.5 ba 1,188 16 $329 $258,238
C 2 br/2.5 ba 1,412 12 $342 $295,737
C 2 brDen/2.5 ba 1,618 2 $381 $321,349
C 3 brDen/2.5 ba 1,580 3 $395 $322,195

Priority Points

Priority to purchase a WFH home is given to participants who are eligible for the most "Priority Points." Eligible households meeting the income requirements receive priority points based on:

Each household is assigned a number of points based on how many of the priority criteria they meet.  The County assigns the household's priority points at the time the household's application is approved, and the points are entered into the applicant database maintained by DHCA.  The maximum number of Priority Points that a household can have is ten (10).

For details of the point system, please refer to Article III of "the Workforce Housing Units Declaration of Covenants for Sale Subdivisions" which you can obtain from the Sales Representative.


Because the WFH program is a County-sponsored affordable housing program, it has certain rules associated with purchasing a unit.  The rules are designed to ensure the unit remains affordable over time. As a prospective purchaser, it is very important that you understand the program's requirements.  These rules take effect beginning on the date of purchase and continue for twenty (20) years (the "Control Period").  See the Workforce Housing Restrictions section below for more details.

Eligibility Arrow, up icon

  1. Household Income Range
    Total household income is based on household size and determines the WFH median income group for an applicant.  To be eligible to participate in the King Farm Workforce Housing program, your total household income for your household size must be within the ranges listed for median group A, B, or C in the following chart (effective March 18, 2008, updated 10/23/2009):
WFH Household Income Ranges
Household Size Median Group A 71% to 90% Household Income Range Median Group B 91% to 105% Household Income Range Median Group C 106% to 120% Household Income Range
1 $48,000 - $61,500 $61,501 - $72,000 $72,201 - $83,000
2 $55,500 - $70,500 $70,501 - $82,500 $82,501 - $95,000
3 $62,500 - $79,500 $79,501 - $92,500 $92,501 - $107,000
4 $69,500 - $88,000 $88,001 - $103,000 $103,001 - $119,000
5+ $75,000 - $95,500 $95,501 - $111,000 $111,001 - $128,500
  1. Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter
    Applicants for the MPDU purchase program must obtain and provide a mortgage pre-qualification letter from a developer preferred lender (contact sales office for a list).

    The pre-qualification letter is used to demonstrate that the applicant qualifies for a mortgage amount equal to or greater than the sales price of the WFH units and has adequate funds available to pay the down payment.

    Applicants who are unable to obtain a mortgage pre-qualification letter in the amount required, will not be eligible to participate in the WFH program.

    Pre-qualification letters from lenders other than a developer approved lender will not be accepted for purposes of the application. If you are approved to participate in the program, you are not required to use the developer's preferred lender to obtain you mortgage.

    In today's real estate market, lenders may require between three to ten percent down payment. The down payment can be paid using applicants funds or HOC and other local government financing assistance programs.

    The pre-qualified mortgage amount plus funds the applicant has available for a down payment must total an amount equal to or greater than the lowest sales price for the applicants median Income Group.  The following chart shows the minimum total amount for each median income range.
Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter Minimums
Village at King Farm
Median Income Range King Farm
Estimated Pre-Qualifying Amont
Group A: 71% - 90% $199,466
Group B: 91% - 105% $247,523
Group C: 106% - 120% $269,717
  1. Total Asset Limitation
    Total household assets must not exceed 25% of the amount for which the household is pre-qualified by a lender.

    Using the example in the preceding paragraph, if your household is pre-qualified for a mortgage of $256,500, then your combined household assets may not exceed $64,625. DHCA will allow any monies used towards a down payment to be deducted from the asset calculation, up to 20% of the loan amount. Assets are defined as the amount of money, or value of the paid down payment, checking accounts, savings accounts, certificate of deposit and/or money market accounts, stocks and/or mutual funds, bonds, real property, less outstanding debt, and trust funds. Assets not included in this definition include the amount in tax deferred retirement savings plans, amount in tax deferred college savings plans, cash value of whole life insurance, automobiles (up to one per adult), and cash value of household furnishings and jewelry.
  1. Size of Unit
    To be eligible to purchase a WFH unit, an applicant's household size must match the size of the unit they desire to purchase based on the number of bedrooms in that unit.  The chart below shows the number of household members and the corresponding bedroom size of units for which they are eligible to purchase at The Village at King Farm.
Unit Size Eligibility
Village at King Farm
Household Size Number of Bedrooms
1 2
2 2
3 2 or 3
4 2 or 3
5+ 3
  1. Applicants in the King Farm Workforce Housing program MUST be able to

Benefits of WFH Home Ownership Arrow, up icon

Workforce Housing Restrictions Arrow, up icon

Homes that are purchased through the WFH program have certain controls designed to keep the home affordable. New and resale homes have a 20 year control period. These controls are in the form of restrictive covenants that state:

If a unit is sold during the Control Period, a new twenty (20) year restriction period will be imposed from the date of the resale.  Once the units have been sold by the developer, the agency responsible for enforcing and administering the program's long-term rules and regulations is the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA).

Please refer to the King Farm Workforce Housing Information Packet for more details.

How to Apply Arrow, up icon

  1. Step 1 - Pre-Application and Visit Sales Office
    • Schedule an appointment to speak with a sales agent, and
    • Visit The Village at King Farm Sales Office (open by appointment only)
      801 Pleasant Drive, #25
      Rockville, MD 20850
      (301) 740-8888
    • After you visit with a Village at King Farm sales agent, you should proceed to Step 2.
  2. Step 2 - Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter
    • Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter from a developer preferred lender (contact sales office for a list).  The letter must be in an amount equal to or exceeding the minimum amount for your Median Income Group based on the following chart.
    • After you obtain a mortgage pre-qualification letter, you should proceed to step 3.
  3. Step 3 - WFH Orientation Seminar
    • Attend a WFH Orientation Seminar.  The WFH Orientation Seminar is designed to answer all your questions about the program, describe program benefits, application and selection processes, and restrictions.
    • These WFH Orientation Seminars are scheduled with the Village at King Farm sales agent after you provide your mortgage pre-qualification letter.
    • After completing the orientation seminar, you will receive a WFH Application and should proceed to Step 4.
  4. Step 4 - Submit your WFH Application and Required Documents
    • The final step in the application process is to submit your completed WFH Application, along with all required documents.
    • You will need to schedule another appointment with the Village at King Farm sales office to submit your application and documents.
    • At the appointment, you must provide ALL of the following documentation.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Incomplete applications or applications missing required documentation will NOT be accepted and you will have to reschedule the Application appointment.
      1. The completed WFH application for (which is given to you upon completion of the WFH Orientation Seminar).
      2. Your mortgage pre-qualification letter.
      3. A copy of your most recent tax return along with W-2 forms.
      4. Copies of the two most recent pay stubs for each household wage earner (if your paystubs do not show the location of your workplace in Rockville or Montgomery County, you must submit proof of the location of your workplace).
      5. If your taxes do not show your current address and you are seeking priority points for living in Rockville or Montgomery County, proof of residency (lease, utility bill, etc.).
      6. If your taxes do not show the same household residents as your application, copies of divorce or separation agreement, birth certificates, death certificates, etc. (if applicable).
      7. Other certified forms or documentation DHCA deems necessary.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you sign up and attend a free First Time Homebuyer's Class to learn about the home purchase process and home ownership responsibilities.

Random Selection Drawing Process Arrow, up icon

For each phase or group of homes offered for sale (an "Offering"), DHCA processes a Random Selection Drawing ("RSD") which assigns a random number to each eligible applicant and generates a list for each Median Income Group. The list is sorted by number of priority points (high to low), and sorted within group and priority points by their random number for that Offering, for high to low. This list establishes the priority order in which applicants have an opportunity to purchase a unit.

The applicant in each Median Income Group with the highest priority points and highest random number will have first opportunity to purchase a home in their income median group, and so on.

This process is NOT a "lottery." Participants do not win a home; rather, they win the opportunity to purchase a home based on a number of factors.

There may be several RSD's throughout the sales process. Approved applicants for the King Farm Workforce Housing program, who have not already contracted to purchase a home, will be included in each King Farm Random Selection Drawing.

Deadlines for submission and approval of applications will be announced for each Offering and only those applicants who have been approved as eligible by that time will be included in the Random Selection Drawing.

Following the Random Selection Drawing, an RSD Results Report will be published on DHCA's WFH website.  A sales representative will then contact households in the order that they appear on the report to give them an opportunity to purchase a home by entering into a sales contract.  Households will only be given an opportunity to purchase a unit in their income band. Time will be of the essence as the sales agent will work down the list until all the units in the Offering are sold.

King Farm Workforce Housing Information Packet Arrow, up icon

Information packet