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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control


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 Not using a coupon? Not buying a sale item? Perhaps you’d be interested in a case discount:

Liquor Control offers a case discount of 8% on wine and liquor and you can mix and match. This is on regular priced items only. Sale prices are excluded from this offer. Here is how it works: Liquor Control has assigned a point system to each bottle size and as long as you accumulate 12 points you have a case and are eligible for the discount. Generally speaking, purchasing a case of wine or liquor not on sale yields a case discount.

375 ml = ½ point 1.5L = 2 points 4L = 3 points

500 ml = ½ point 1.75L = 2 points 5L = 3 points

 750ml = 1 point 3L = 3 points

 For example:

 If you buy twelve 750ml bottles at the regular price you get the 8% discount. If you buy two 750 ml bottles; two 1.5L bottles; and three 1.75L bottles you get the 8% discount.



Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!

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