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Update:  December 20, 2013 (SCROLL DOWN FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION) Crews in some leafing areas are running a few days behind the posted date. Please be patient, we will collect your leaves. As of December 16 our crews have collected over 137,000 cubic yards of leaves.


The Leafing Program has been delayed for a few days due to interruptions by two heavy rain events, the Thanksgiving holiday and four (4) responses to winter events. The same trucks are used in both leaf collection and snow response, so responding to snow events requires temporary suspensions of the Leafing Program.

The SECOND round of Leaf Collections is expected to be completed this week. Leaf collection crews will then check the Leaf Collection Distrtict to address any remaining leaves that residents within the Leaf Collection District were unable to place roadside due to the rain and snow/ice events.

If you believe your leaves have been missed or you now have them placed at the curb (out of the street) please call 311 (240-777-0311 if calling from outside the county) for a leaf pickup service request. Leaf crews will ONLY respond to requests made through the 311 Customer Service System.


General Location Boundaries






If your home is not in the Leaf Collection District, click here for information to become included in the Leaf Collection Program.

Leaf Piles

Please remember to keep your leaves OUT OF THE STREET!

Proper placement of leaf piles        Do not place leaf piles in the street

Placing leaf piles in the street can cause many problems such as:

Keeping leaf piles out of the streets prevents these problems. Rest assured that our crews can get your to leaves that are placed on the grass. Any discoloration of the grass is temporary as it is dormant at this time.

 We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts to promote a safe and efficient leaf collection operation in your neighborhood!

 Please remove the leaf piles from the street. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $1000 for illegal dumping.

The Division of Highway Services no longer directly hires seasonal workers for the leaf collection program. Seasonal workers are being hired by two companies. Please contact them if you wish to work in the leaf collection program:

           Earn Contractors - contact Roseanna at 301-749-3880

           Colossal Contractors - contact Gloria at 301-476-9060

The 2013 Leaf Collection Season 

The Division of Highway Services started the FIRST round of leaf collection services on  November 4, 2013 . Our crews expect to collect nearly 140,000 cubic yards of leaves this season.

Leaf Collection District

The Leaf Collection District is generally south of Bel Pre Road, east of I-270/I-495 and west of New Hampshire Avenue, to the District line. DETAILED MAP

The Leaf Collection Program continues for 6 to 8 weeks, and includes postings for 2 scheduled pick-ups. 

First collection. We will post green signs throughout the work areas several days before our crews' arrival.  We will attempt to allow a weekend for residents to rake their leaves to the edge of the road for vacuum pick-up.  Signs will be removed after our crews complete each street.

The second and final fall collection will begin after Thanksgiving.  The timing will depend on weather conditions.  Red signs will indicate that this is the final collection.  The same posting, collection, and sign removal procedures are used for both vacuum collections.

If you believe that your leaves may have been missed, please contact the MC311 call center by clicking in the MC311 logo on the left or by dialing 311. Additionally, you may call DHS at 240-777-7623.

The actual collection of the leaves can be affected by rain, snow and ice. These factors may cause a longer than normal collection effort. Depending on the severity of the inclement weather (which affects the ability of our leaf vacuums to collect leaves) other means of collection, such as front-end loaders, may be employed.

Residents Should:

Residents Should Not:

Thank you for helping us keep our streets safe during the Leaf Collection Program



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