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Highway Services         

Repaving Main Roads


The Division of Highway Services (DHS) periodically repaves main roads throughout the County. Repaving adds 1 1/2" to 2" of new asphalt to the existing road surface and generally follows the procedures listed below:

  • Evaluate roadway condition
  • Determine necessary repairs
  • Mill (grind off) entire surface if necessary or
  • Mill tie-ins along the curbs and at each intersection
  • Adjust the utility covers to the new asphalt grade
  • Pave a new asphalt overlay
  • Re-stripe the traffic markings

Benefits of Repaving

  • Improved traction, surface texture and appearance
  • Improved smoothness and ride quality
  • Waterproofed surface
  • New wear layer to protect underlying pavement from traffic, weather and oxidation
  • Extends life of dry, weathered surfaces

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