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Marc's Committees 

There are currently six Council standing committees: Education; Health and Human Services; Management and Fiscal Policy; Planning, Housing, and Economic Development; Public Safety; and Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment. Each Committee has budget review and program oversight responsibilities. Some cross-cutting issues may be reviewed by two committees meeting jointly.

In some of the committees, an individual other than the Chair has been designated as the Lead Councilmember for an issue or group of issues. Lead Councilmembers take the initiative in developing agenda items in their areas of responsibility and act as chair of the committee when their items are being discussed.

Council committees customarily meet on Mondays and Thursdays. During the Council budget seasons (January through June), committee sessions are held more frequently.

Marc Elrich currently serves on the following Committees:

  • Public Safety Committee (PS)
     Marc Elrich
    JURISDICTION: The criminal justice system, including the Police Department, State's Attorney, Sheriff, the Courts, the Detention Center, and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission; Fire/Rescue and Animal Control.
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  • Education Committee (ED):
    Member: Marc Elrich
    JURISDICTION: Issues relating to Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery College.
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