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2004 Articles

If Question C is adopted, voters would no longer be able to vote for a majority of the council -- one member from their district and four at-large members.

With its unanimous vote calling for a single countywide fire chief, the Montgomery County Council has sent a powerful message. This County will have a Fire Chief with the command authority to direct all of our fire and rescue services to benefit our citizens.

Affordable housing in Montgomery County is in crisis... I say, let's eliminate barriers to MPDU construction by providing greater flexibility in the application of our more exacting development standards as required.

Our driving residents demand more and improved roads. Roughly 50 percent of D.C. workers and, on average, 80 percent of Montgomery and Fairfax employees drive to work.

Last year over 100 County residents were nominated for a Golden Shovel award, and wehonored 28 outstanding individuals at a County Council session last April.


Montgomery County Council, 100 Maryland Ave, Rockville MD 20850
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