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2005 Articles

Frustration is mounting among some County Council members who say the Planning Board and its staff have not done enough to correct management and record keeping problems in the Clarksburg Town Center debacle.

Does the Clarksburg saga demonstrate that the county's planning process is broken? We are inundateddaily with reports charging errors from top to bottom. Fingers are pointing everywhere, and fewanswers have been provided.

Check those schedules. Is your child enrolled in classes that hone the use of technology?Is your child learning to program -- either inside or outside the classroom? Especiallypush your girls. They often take the easy road if they feel uncomfortable with math,science or hi-tech environments, but they need this background.

Montgomery County has fallen far behind in its goal to end homelessness by 2012, County Council members said Monday.

For the Montgomery County Council, getting the budget to the CharterLimit was not easy, clean, tightly organized, nor straightforward. We wereclearing the brush as we hiked the trail. But that was what made the result of ourwell-chronicled odyssey so satisfying.


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