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2013 Articles

Six Montgomery council members call for energy tax cut - The Gazette

Floreen (D-At Large) of Garrett Park said she would like to reduce the energy tax as much as the county can afford. “I felt a strong commitment to reduce it as much as we could in previous years, economic circumstances made it very hard to do that,” she said. “I think we ought to be able to manage an $11 million reduction.”

Montgomery Co. signs contract for bikeshareWTOP

Montgomery County Councilwoman Nancy Floreen is concerned that without dedicated bike lanes, bicyclists will not be safe on the county's densely packed roads. "My goal is to make sure wherever we put those Bikeshare stations, we have an obligation to make it safe places. That means putting lines down the road that those are bike-only lanes. It means putting up signs to let drivers know that they don't own the whole road," says Floreen.

Montgomery extends smoking ban to most county property - The Washington Post 

The county council voted to expand the prohibition at the urging of council member Nancy Floreen, a breast cancer survivor.

Council members week on food subsidy both personal and political - The Washington Post 

Council member Nancy Floreen said lack of mobility forces many low-income families to pay more for their food. She shopped at the Gaithersburg Costco, buying in bulk but rationing her purchases to approximate a $25 a week diet.

The unseen Montgomery - County Cable Montgomery

Montgomery County ranks among counties with the highest median incomes. We take pride in being the economic engine of Maryland, and our schools make the lists of the best in the nation. Yet we have pockets of poverty that are not easily seen. Now, thanks to an award-winning documentary, The Unseen Montgomery, this poverty is no longer invisible.




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