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Behavioral Health Targeted Case Management

How to Apply

Individuals may call Access to Behavioral Health at  240-777-1770.  Health care professionals may call 240-777-4710 for a consultation.

Documents To Bring

Photo identification, proof of residency, Medical Assistance (MA) card

Eligibility Requirements

County residents age 18 and older who have severe and persistent mental health condition or both mental and substance abuse problems and have no private insurance

Fees and Payments

There is no charge to the client if they have Medicaid or are eligible for the public mental health system.  The program bills Medicaid directly.  Other health insurance companies may pay for a part of the cost of Targeted Case Management.  


1.  What services does Targeted Case Management provide?

  • TCM provides referrals and linkages to community resources such as medical, psychiatric, legal, housing and other social services. 
  • Coordinates with health and social service systems including legal services and housing programs. 
  • Individual appointments in the community, home/shelter, or with other service providers as requested by the consumer to support wellness and recovery.  

2. Can I get mental health treatment from Targeted Case Management?

Targeted Case Management is  not treatment. Case managers work with you to remove barriers so that you can gain access to and remain in the necessary therapy and psychiatric treatment.   No dental care or other types of medical care are provided. 

3.  Can I get Housing from Targeted Case Management?

Targeted Case Management is  not a housing provider. Case managers refer, collaborate and facilitate linkages to available and appropriate housing in the community for clients who do not have housing.

Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time


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