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Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP)


How to Apply

To apply for the Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP), apply online at or apply by telephone by calling the Maryland Health Connecction's Consolidated Service Center at 855-6428572 (toll-free) or TTY (855) 642-8573.   

Documents To Bring

Eligibility Requirements

Those eligible for MCHP are:
Fees and Payments

MCHP health care coverage is available at no cost for eligible households.  Additionally, the MCHP Premium program provides health insurance coverage for a small monthly premium (cost) for children in certain families with slightly higher income. Call the State’s Medicaid Hotline 1-800-456-8900 for more information.



1.  How long does it take to process my MCHP/Medicaid for Families application?

It takes approximately 10 days.

2.  What happens after my application is approved?

When you receive your enrollment packet in the mail, you will:

3.  What is the County’s Role With MCHP?

MCHP is managed by the State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). It uses federal and state funds to provide the health care coverage.  Montgomery County DHHS staff helps the State with this program by assisting people in the County who want to apply for MCHP.  The County makes the application available in multiple locations, assists people in completing the application, and processes a person’s application at the County Service Eligibility Units.  The County also offers additional assistance for people who have MCHP, through its Client Services Center for Medicaid/HealthChoice at 240-777-1635.

4.  What should I do when my address, family size, or income changes?

Please report any address or income changes within 10 days, as required, by contacting your caseworker.  If you are unable to contact your caseworker, please call MC311 (dial 3-1-1) for assistance. 

5.  How do I get more information about fees or services covered by MCHP?

You may call the State’s Medicaid Hotline 1-800-456-8900 for more information.


 Additional Information

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