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Suburban Maryland Welcome Back Center


How to Apply

If you are interested in the program, call the center and you will be added to the Center’s database that is used to notify participants of future opportunities, including when the center is ready to open the application process. 

Documents To Bring

The Center will specify documents that are required during the application process

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify you must:

Fees and Payments

There are no fees or payments required at this time 


1. What is the Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland?

The Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland assists internationally trained health professionals integrate back into the health workforce and provide culturally and linguistically competent care to the diverse populations in our region. Services at the Welcome Back Center include:

2. What professions are you serving?

The Center serves any internationally trained health professional currently living in Maryland, with a focus on Montgomery, Prince Georges and Frederick Counties. The Center has been serving mainly nurses but welcomes calls from other internationally trained health professionals to be added toe Center database to be contacted if they may become eligible for services in the future.

3. Do you provide assistance to get a job?

The Center offers pre-employment services to the participants that are receiving assistance to obtain licensure in a health profession in Maryland.

4. Do you provide training courses?

The Center works in partnership with various organizations to provide needed trainings to current Center participants.

5. Why should I join the Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland?

If you are an internationally trained health professional interested in obtaining licensure in nursing (or another health occupation in high demand) and re-entering the health workforce in Maryland, you would benefit from the services offered by the Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland.

6. How does the Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland assist internationally trained health professionals?

The Center uses a successful model of services that provides:


 Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time