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Montgomery Cares Advisory Board

The Montgomery Cares Advisory Board (MCAB) meets the fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Tan Conference Room on the first floor at 401 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD. The MCAB meeting schedule, along with the schedules for other advisory board/commissions/committees, is posted on the   Montgomery County Web site.


The mission of the Montgomery Cares Advisory Board (MCAB) is to guide the development of the Montgomery Cares Program to ensure steady and measurable growth in the number of uninsured County residents accessing high quality and efficient health care services including primary, specialty, dental and behavioral health care services.


The legislation defines that the Board must have seventeen (17) voting members including two ex-officio members:

  1. The County Health Officer or designee;
  2. The DHHS Chief of Behavioral Health Services or designee.
    Members who should be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council include:
  3. Two representatives of community health providers that participate in the Program;
  4. One representative of hospitals that participate in the Program;
  5. The chair of the Board of Directors or designee of the entity that contract with the Department to administer the distribution of funds for the deliver of Program services;
  6. Three members of the public;
  7. Four individuals who have knowledge of and experience with issues relating to health care for the uninsured
  8. One representative of the Commission on Health;
  9. One representative of the County Medical Society; and
  10. Two recipients of services (Consumer Representatives)

Montgomery Cares Advisory Board Members

Lynda Honberg  -  Designee of the Chair of the Board of the Primary Care Coalition

Vacant - Consumer Representative

Diane Clonmell  -  Expert on Health Care for the Uninsured

Dr. Betsey Ballard  -  Member of the Montgomery County Medical Society

Stephen W. Gammarino  -  Member of the Public

Sybil Greenhut, APRN, BC  -  Ex-Officio, Designee of the Chief of DHHS-Behavioral Health and Crisis Services

Jane Hooker - Expert on Health Care for the Uninsured

Wilbur Malloy - Member of the Public

Marie Mann - Expert on Health Care for the Uninsured

Mayur Mody - Member of the Public

Vacant - PCC Board Representative

Agnes Saenz - Community Health Care Provider

Vacant -  Hospital  Representative

Vacant -  Community Health Care Provider

Wayne L. Swann, SPHR, FACHE - Commission on Health Representative

Ulder J. Tillman, M.D., M.P.H.  -  Ex-Officio, Chief, Public Health Services, DHHS

Rockefeller Ludwig Twyman  -  Consumer Representative




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