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Pregnancy Testing

How to Apply

Walk in pregnancy testing is available.  No appointment necessary.

Documents To Bring

Identification showing you live in Montgomery County.

Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County resident who thinks she may be pregnant

Fees and Payments

No fee is required. 


1.  What type of pregnancy test is used?

A urine test at the health center is used to determine if someone is pregnant.

2. How soon will I get my results?

You will be told your result Immediately after completing the test. 

3.  What should I do if my test shows I am pregnant?  

It is important to have regular medical care during a pregnancy so both mother and baby have a healthy birth outcome.  The health center staff can give you information, such as how to apply for health care coverage, if the test shows that you are pregnant.  


Additional Information

No Additional Information at this time




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