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Rabies Care

How to Apply

Call the Disease Control phone line at 240-777-1755 from 8:00 A.M.. – 4:00 P.M..  Monday through Friday.

Documents To Bring

Insurance card, government-issued identification, and any documents you have related to treatment of a bite.

Eligibility Requirements

Montgomery County resident

Fees and Payments

Call 240-777-1755 for information about private pay or billing.  Insurance billing is done for preventive treatment (post-exposure prophylaxis).


1.  Who should I call if I am bitten by an animal? 

Report an animal bite to Montgomery County Animal Services at 240-773-5900.  Disease Control staff work closely with Animal Services when animal bites occur.  Animal Services will handle the animal.  Disease Control counsels and does a risk assessment for the person(s) who may have been exposed to rabies.

2.  What if my neighbor’s dog bites me? 

Seek medical care for the bite.  Notify Animal Services.  They will quarantine the dog for 10 days.  You do not need to start rabies preventive treatment if the dog can be found and quarantined. 

3.  Is there a window of time in which rabies preventive treatment works?

 It is important to start the vaccine as soon as possible, but if you don’t, you can start at any time.

4.  Do I need to seek medical attention if the bite is not too bad?  

Absolutely, obtain medical attention as soon as possible to have the wound cleaned.  You will need to give information about the kind of exposure you had, such as: a bite, a bat in the bedroom, or a saliva exposure from an animal.  You will probably be asked about the date of your last tetanus shot.  The risk assessment will help determine if you need rabies preventive medical treatment (prophylaxis).  Be sure to contact your physician who will administer the rest of the doses.


Additional Information

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