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Nadim Khan Memorial Homeless Resource Day 2017

Planning Committee Members:

Kim Ball, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Services to End and Prevent Homelessness (SEPH)
Sara Black, DHHS, SEPH
Felicia Davenport, DHHS, SEPH
Leslie George, DHHS, SEPH
Amanda Harris, Chief, DHHS, SEPH -- Coordinator
Maureen Herndon, City of Gaithersburg
Gloria Huggins, DHHS/SEPH  -- Administrative Support
Tanya Jones, DHHS/SEPH
LaSonya Kelly, DHHS, SEPH, Healthcare for the Homeless
Amir Khan, Community Participant
Farah Khan, Community Participant
Yursa Khan, Community Participate
Tawana Lofton, City of Gaithersburg
Luis Martinez, DHHS, Office of Community Affairs -- Logistics
Francis S. Person, DHHS, Information Technology -- IT Support
Howard Pumphrey, Community Participant
Jessica Raymond, DHHS, SEPH
Stella Sharif-Chikiar, DHHS, Public Health Services
Sharon Sierra-Koscinski, DHHS, SEPH
Nili Soni, DHHS, SEPH
Monica Talley, DHHS, Children, Office of Eligibility and Support Services
Lucy Vitaliti, Montgomery College


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