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Interagency Commission on Homelessness 

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The Interagency Commission on Homelessness (ICH) was established by the County to act on behalf of county residents experiencing homelessness and to provide advice, counsel, and recommendations to the County Executive and County Council. The Commission's responsibilities involve matters influencing provisions of services, County government policies and procedures, development and implementation of State and Federal laws, and other issues affecting the lives, rights, and welfare of people experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County.     

The Continuum of Care (CoC) is Montgomery County's local homeless program planning network.  It is a public-private partnership that includes County and other government agencies, non-profit service providers, landlords and others who have a role in the county's housing market.  The purpose of the CoC is to encourage and support local organizations in coordinating efforts to address housing and homeless issues and reduce homelessness.  

The ICH will serve as the governing board of the Montgomery County CoC and will meet quarterly.

 View the enabling legislation by clicking  here.  

Mission Statement

The Commission will promote a community-wide goal to end homelessness by developing a strategic plan and reviewing and monitoring programs that are components of the CoC.  The Commission will recommend to the County Executive and County Council improvements to the CoC, educate the community about homelessness, and recommend and promote partnership with private organizations, businesses and foundations, or any state or federal government agency, to improve the County's ability to prevent and reduce homelessness.

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Staff Support:

Nili Soni, Continuum of Care Coordinator
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Special Needs Housing
401 Hungerford Drive, 5th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850

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