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Office of Consumer Protection

Commission on Common Ownership Communities

Created:  Montgomery County Code, Section 10B-3 (Jan. 1991); Emergency Bill No. 8-95 (June 1995); Emergency Bill No. 11-96

Purpose:  To advise the County Executive and the County Council on ways to handle common ownership of property in communities; promote public awareness of the rights and obligations of living in common ownership communities; eliminate disputes; and maintain property values and quality of life in community associations.

Membership:    Fifteen members consisting of 8 residents of common ownership communities and 7 professionals associated with common ownership communities (attorneys, property managers, realtors, developers, etc.).  Designees of the County Council, Planning Board, Dept. of Environmental Protection, Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs, Dept. of Permitting Services, Dept. of Transportation, and Office of Consumer Protection are ex-officio non-voting members of the Commission.

Terms:  Three Years

Meetings:  First Wednesday of each month.  Monthly committee meetings and dispute hearing panels as scheduled. A current schedule is available upon request.

Staff:  Office of Consumer Protection (240.777.3636)

County Attorney's Office: Walter Wilson, Associate County Attorney

Resident Representatives:  Elizabeth Molloy (Chairperson),Jim Coyle, Marietta Ethier, Bruce Fonoroff, Elayne Kabakoff, Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D., David Weinstein, CPM, and Ken Zajic

Professional Representatives:  Mitchell Alkon, Richard Brandes, Terry Cromwell, Arthur N. Dubin, CPM, PCAM, Thomas Stone, Esq., Aimee Winegar, Helen M. Whelan, Esq.

Volunteer Hearing Panel:  Julie Dymowski, Esq., Greg Friedman, Esq., John F. McCabe, Jr., Esq., John J. Sample, Esq., Christopher Hitchens, Esq., Ursula Koenig Burgess, Esq., Corinne Rosen, Esq., Douglas A. Shontz, Esq., Dinah Stevens, Esq., Charles H. Fleisher, Esq., Jennifer Jackman, Esq., Nicole Williams, Esq., Rachel Browder, Esq., Kevin Kernan, Esq.

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