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Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Management


Chris Voss, OEMHS Director, PictureChris Voss, Director
Chris is responsible for overall management and strategic direction of the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. He works with other public safety department directors to ensure coordination of planning and response efforts. Chris also manages the department's budget and grant efforts.

Picture of Chuck Crisostomo, Planning Division ChiefChuck Crisostomo, Operations Division Chief

 oversees the department's response coordination efforts including emergency alert notifications and emergency management information systems. This division is also responsible for conducting regular trainings and exercises to improve the county's local and regional emergency response capabilities.


Michael Goldfarb, Planning Division Chief
Michael manages planning efforts that include county-wide plans such as the Emergency Operations Plan, Mitigation Plan, and the Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan. The planning team also works with departments on their continuity of operations plan and facility emergency evacuation plans. Preparedness and outreach activities are also part of this division.

Debbie Greenwell, Finance and Administration
Debbie manages the department's finance and administrative responsibilities, including budgets, grant funds, and expense tracking.

Anthony Loconte, Emergency Management Specialist
Tony is part of the operations division and his primary responsibilities include chairing the county's Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), public warning and notification including administration of Alert Montgomery, and emergency operations center readiness. Additionally, Tony sits on the Maryland STORMREADY advisory board, manages the county's SKYWARN and STORMREADY programs, and provides guidance to the hazardous materials permitting program. 

Barbara Moore, Hazmat Permitting Program Specialist
Barbara manages the county's hazardous materials use permit program, including helping businesses file online and pay their fees. The program is responsible for ensuring businesses are compliant with Executive Regulation 17-03.

Kevin Grubbs, Emergency Management Specialist
Kevin works on a variety of planning efforts including contributing to the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) and the Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan. He also assists with trainings and evacuation drills, as well as the day-to-day management of public warnings and alerts as an Alert Montgomery administrator. 

Melissa Smith, Executive Assistant to the Director
Melissa serves as the Executive Assistant for Chris Voss. In addition, Melissa coordinates all of the administrative logistics for the office.

Jim McClelland, Emergency Management Specialist 
Jim works on a number of projects in the planning division, including plan development for damage assessment, debris management, and crisis communications. He also works with all Montgomery County Government departments in the development of their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans, and participates in regional planning efforts in the National Capital Region.

Marianne C. Souders, CEM, Emergency Management Specialist
Marianne is the exercise coordinator for OEMHS. Her responsibilities include the coordination of partners in the planning, development, and execution of drills and exercises that test the numerous county emergency plans. Additionally, Marianne supports emergency operations as a WebEOC administrator and an Alert Montgomery administrator.

Mitch Dinowitz, Emergency Management Specialist
Mitch is responsible for the county's emergency management training program. He also assists as an Alert Montgomery administrator and monitors the day-to-day emergency operations within the county.

Earl Stoddard, PhD, MPH, Health Planner (CHHS)
Earl works for The Center of Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. Earl manages several health and emergency medical response-related grant initiatives within the planning division. Earl also supports numerous other planning efforts within the department and provides guidance on the strategic direction of planning efforts.

Orit Zeevi Bell, Grants Management (CHHS)
Orit works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. She assists with grants administration and works on research and legal projects as they arise.

Mehrab Karim, MBA, MS, Regional Planner (CHHS)
Mehrab works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. Mehrab works with other regional planners to coordinate planning efforts in the National Capital Region. Mehrab is also working on an update to the county's mitigation plan.

Matthias Miziorko, GIS Specialist (CHHS)
Matthias works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. He is responsible for using Geographic Information System (GIS) software and its associated spatial data to support day-to-day and emergency operations within the office.

Maggie Davis, JD, MA, Community Outreach Coordinator (CHHS)
Maggie works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor to OEMHS. She coordinates outreach efforts to promote emergency preparedness within the community.

Dan Berkman, MEM, Planning and Preparedness Coordinator (CHHS)
Dan works for The Center for Health and Homeland Security as a contractor.  He works on EMAP accrediation issues, volunteer and donation management, and assists in outreach efforts within the county.