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Helping to Protect Workers' Health and Safety

"Making sure that women and men at work in Montgomery County are safe and healthy on the job is important work. Montgomery County is committed to ensuring that County government offices, facilities, and work sites are as safe and healthy as possible.

But the work doesn't stop there. As County Executive, I am committed to helping Maryland Occupational Safety and Health to do its job of protecting all workers in Montgomery County.

This website includes links to important information about occupational safety and health issues, a link to the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health to lodge complaints and get information about training programs available on safety and health, and links to other organizations working to protect worker safety and health."

Signature of Ike Leggett

County Executive
Montgomery County, MD

About the Montgomery Worker Health and Safety Initiative

A County initiative that will help protect the health and safety of working people in Montgomery County.

Important Websites

Wage issues; immigration issues related to employment, human trafficking, employment, health and education programs; Women Seeking Justice seeking to improve the rights of domestic workers living in Montgomery County.

In Emergencies and Filing a Complaint

Worker Health and Safety Alerts, Information, Issues and Tips