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Opinions and Decisions in Accessory Apartment Objection Cases

The Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings hears cases related to accessory apartments under three circumstances.

The first is in cases where a license will not be granted by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs because a) the parking provided is insufficient or b) the proposed accessory apartment is too close to another existing accessory apartment. In those cases, the applicant must file an application for a conditional use.

The second type of accessory apartment case is one where the applicant seeks a detached accessory apartment in the AR, R or RC Zone. This type of case also requires an application for a conditional use.

The third circumstance where OZAH would hear an accessory apartment case is when there is objection filed with OZAH, either by a community member or by the applicant, when the objector believes the approval or denial of an accessory apartment license by DHCA was made in error. This case is initiated by the filing of a formal Objection with OZAH, not a conditional use application.

Reports and Decisions in these types of cases are listed below:

Case Number Case Name Date of Decision
AA 14-05 Petition of Kelley A. Trippe and Steven D. Aitken for a Special Exception for an Accessory Apartment June 5, 2015
AAO 15-02 Objection to DHCA Decision on Accessory Apartment License Application of Evridiki Chalasochoris April 9, 2015
AAO-14-02 Objections to the Accessory Apartment License Application of Catherine Hartman August 28, 2014
AAO-14-06 Order Dismissing Objections as Moot with signature Grossman July 1, 2014
AAO-14-03 Objections to the Accessory Apartment License Application of Steven and Erica Weiss June 6, 2014
AAO-14-01 The Objection of Teresa Burleson to the Findings of DHCA on an Accessory Apartment License Application Aug. 30, 2013
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