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The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program, formerly called the Educational Facilities Officer Program, is an outreach program sponsored by the Montgomery County Police (MCP), Gaithersburg City Police (GPD), Rockville City Police (RCP) and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in partnership with the Montgomery County Public Schools.  School Resource Officers (SROs) serve as liaisons between the police departments and the high schools for school and police related concerns and incidents.

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn uniformed law enforcement officer trained in emergency preparedness, crisis management, community policing concepts, and problem solving who is assigned to work as a liaison to MCPS.

The SRO’s primary function is to enhance the safety and security of the learning environment for students, staff, and the school community in the Montgomery County Public High Schools.  Other duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a resource and assisting with emergency preparedness as well as safety awareness education to the high school population age groups.

  • Meeting regularly with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) staff, students, and parents, to exchange information and discuss issues of concern within the school.

  • Serving as a point of contact to deliver MCPD programs such as crime prevention, conflict resolution and mediation, drug and alcohol awareness, violence prevention, gang awareness, and community relations and outreach.

  • Assisting with calls for service and incidents occurring within their assigned schools.

  • Assisting with traffic safety and traffic enforcement activities at their assigned schools.


School Resource Officer Assignments 2017-2018

1st District:  240-773-6070   

Commander David Anderson

SRO Supervisor:                   Lt. Lorraine Dommel           

SRO:                                     Maureen Connelly              

   SRO:                                      Joseph Lowery                     

  SRO:                                     Christopher Winkler            

  SRO:                                      Amy Homrock                      

   SRO:                                       George Hyson                       

    SRO:                                       Robert Jacaruso                   

Assisting (Temp)                   Adebanjo Ojuri                     


Churchill High School                                    Homrock

Quince Orchard High School                         Lowery

Poolesville High School                                 Winkler

Rockville High School                                    Hyson

Wootton High School                                     Connelly

Alternative Educations Programs School       Jacaruso & Ojuri


Rockville City Police Department:

SRO Supervisor:                   Sgt. JP Cowell                       

SRO:                                       Cpl. Rick Halverson             


Richard Montgomery High School                



2nd District:  240-773-6700  

Captain Paul Liquorie, Commander

SRO Supervisor:                   Lt. John D’Albora              

          SRO:                                         Tamara Lucas                            

 SRO:                                         Dana Shoup                          

         SRO:                                         Shate’ Jackson                         


Walt Whitman High School                           Shoup 

Walter Johnson High School                          Jackson

Bethesda Chevy Chase High School              Lucas



3rd District:  240-773-6800

Captain William Montgomery, Commander

SRO Supervisor                    Sgt. Edward Wilcher            

   SRO:                                       Sharese Junious                     

SRO:                                       Brian Walburn                      

SRO:                                       Willie Taft                             



Blair High School                                           Junious

Springbrook High School                               Taft

Paint Branch High School                              Walburn



4th District:  240-773-5500

 Captain Marc Yamada, Commander    

SRO Supervisor:                   Lt. Joseph Onderko              

                      SRO:                                       Diane Henderson                                       

  SRO:                                       Wayne Wiltshire                   

SRO:                                       Brett Mavritte                       

SRO:                                       James McLain                      

SRO:                                       Percell “PJ” Gregory           

SRO:                                       Kristie Palmer                      


Wheaton High School                                     Henderson

Einstein High School                                      Gregory

Kennedy High School                                     Palmer

Blake High School                                          McLain

Northwood High School                                 Mavritte

Sherwood High School                                   Wiltshire



5th District:    240-773-6200

Commander David Gillespie

SRO Supervisor:                   Sgt. Stacey Flynn                  

SRO:                                       Russell Larson                        

Assisting (Temp):                  Wesley Allen                          

SRO:                                       Daniel Riddle                         

SRO:                                       Troy Melott                            


Northwest High School                                  Allen

Damascus High School                                   Riddle

Seneca Valley High School                            Larson

Clarksburg High School                                 Melott



6th District:   240-773-5700

Commander Dinesh Patil

SRO Supervisor:                   Lt. Brian Tanzi                     

                      SRO:                                       Andrew Byrd                                                

SRO:                                       Ashley Breslin                        


Watkins Mill High School                              Byrd and Breslin


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:

SRO Supervisor:                   Lt. Maxwell Uy                     

SRO:                                       Deputy Cynthia Defriece      


Magruder High School


Gaithersburg City Police Department:

SRO Supervisor:                   Sgt. Scott Scarff                    

              SRO:                                       Bobby Blackmon                               

Gaithersburg High School     




Community Engagement Division: 240-773-6980


Capt. Elizabeth Hattenburg             Office 240-773-6948



Sgt. Daniel Helton                 Office 240-773-6981



Sgt. Kathy Estrada               Office 240-773-6982





Montgomery County Department of Police · J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Public Safety Headquarters
100 Edison Park Drive · Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Non-emergency: 301.279.8000
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