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Look Ahead - Week of February 18 to February 24

Executive Summary

The project continues to track on-schedule and within budget.

Demolition of the Mid-County Regional Services Center Building

Demolition of the Regional Services Building will commence on Monday, February 12 and require six (6) weeks to complete.

Demolition of the Regional Services Building commenced on Monday, February 12. Currently, the contractor is dismantling the interior elements of the building and disconnecting the Regional Services Center (RSC) building from the adjoining Triangle Building from atop.

Mass (exterior) demolition of the RSC will be accomplished by means of a hydraulic excavator with a pinching (grabbing) attachment that will “chew” away at the building. The area immediately to the demolition will be protected by fencing and plywood barriers. WMATA has reviewed and approved the building demolition plans including areas of close proximity to WMATA operations.

Traffic operations along Reedie Drive will not be affected and pedestrian movement will remain unchanged except for the closure of the “cut through” walkway immediately adjacent to the Regional Services Building leading from Reedie Drive to the Metro stairs. Signage will be posted.

Tie-Down Anchors

Installation of tie-down anchors at the footers is complete (see photo).

In all, one hundred sixty-nine (169) foundation tie-down anchors were installed around the perimeter of the building foundation. Tie-down anchors are long steel rods that are embedded 20 feet into the underlying bedrock and grouted in place (see photo). The rods penetrate through the building foundation and are secured at the topside of the footer with large washers and lock-down nuts. Tie-down anchors are installed to resist expected upward hydraulic pressure generated by normal groundwater elevations once the dewatering operation ceases.

Recovery and Connection of the Geothermal System

The process of recovering the one hundred fifty (150) geothermal wells, installed earlier in the project, is complete. The wells were pressure tested and flushed with clean water. In the upcoming weeks the wells will be joined together in 15 well circuits with horizontal piping and ready for tie-in to the future building energy system.

Construction of the sub-foundation Elements

Construction of the sub-foundation elements such as the WSSC vault and elevator pits is well underway (see photo). The contractor is now carefully preparing subgrade and protecting the subgrade with a concrete cover known as a “mud mat” upon which the building foundation will be constructed.

Site Dewatering

Mass excavation and construction of the building foundation requires the lowering of the groundwater table, which is generally 35 feet below the existing ground surface. The dewatering process will temporarily lower the groundwater roughly 25 feet to allow for construction. Dewatering is currently underway 24/7 and will continue over the next 22 months at which time pumping will discontinue and groundwater will restore to its normal levels. As noted above, all tie-down anchors will be in place and secured tightly prior to deactivation of the dewatering system. All water discharged from the site is treated for proper pH levels per the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) requirements.

Administrative Preparations

The Contractor, Architect, Developer, and Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) are busy exchanging and reviewing detailed submittals to ensure strict compliance with project specifications and all applicable building codes. In all, over 2,000 separate submittals will be developed, exchanged, and reviewed by the project team. No construction is permitted to proceed until all related material submittals, craftsman qualifications, testing, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control has been approved.

Follow the Excavation via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view the construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Foundation construction.
  • Foundation subgrade preparation and protection with mud mats.
  • Placement of foundation slab.
  • Horizontal piping for Geothermal System.
  • Form, reinforcing, and pour sub-foundation elements (see photo).
  • Monitoring Inclinometer stations for movement.
  • Monitoring 3-D survey.
  • Testing and monitoring of groundwater discharge water.
Project photo
Area Below Main Lobby & Elevators
Project photo
Footer Construction & Tie-Down Anchors
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