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The White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee was established by the County Council to advise County departments on public services in the White Flint area as well as coordinate community activities that promote business interests and a sense of community within that area. 

The Committee is also working to create a White Flint Urban District (proposed in the  2010 White Flint Sector Plan). The urban service district will provide increased maintenance of the streetscape and its amenities; create additional public amenities such as plantings, seating, shelters, and works of art; promote the commercial and residential interests of the community; and program cultural and community activities.  For more information on developing public amenities in White Flint see  here

The Committee's 14 members are appointed by the  County  Executive  and serve three year terms (after which they may be appointed again).

Committee Members

Voting Members Area Represented
Clifford Cohen -  Chair Resident (outside sector plan area)
Brian Downie -  Vice Chair Property Owner Representative
Eddie Snyder Business Representative
Robert Daley Business (sector plan area)
Jordan Cooper WMCCAB Representative
Aj Coffee Property Owner Representative
Paul Meyer  Resident (sector plan area)
Bernard Meyers Resident (sector plan area)
Thomas Murphy Greater BCC Chamber of Commerce 
Andrew Shulman Greater BCC Chamber of Commerce
Francine Waters Property Owner Representative
Non-Voting Members Area Represented
Cindy Gibson County Council 
Ken Hartman   County Executive 
Peggy Schwartz North Bethesda Transportation Solutions
Bethesda/Chevy Chase Regional Service Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane - Bethesda, Maryland 20814 ·
240-777-8200 (voice), 240-777-8211 (fax), 240-777-8212 (TTY)
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