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About Fibernet

The purpose of the FiberNet is to integrate all the projected communications requirements and to provide a cost-effective, County Wide Area Network (WAN), broadband fiber optic network to serve the County?s long-term needs. This effort consolidates and integrates numerous distinct telecommunications initiatives of several individual County agencies and departments. The network backbone, or core, supports a wide variety of voice, data, and video transmission applications to fulfill the needs of the various agencies and departments. Some of the agencies and departments using FiberNet for their primary needs include: Office of Consumer Affairs (Cable Office), MCDOT / ATMS, Montgomery County Public Schools, Department of Technology Services (DTS), Department of Police, Department of Fire and Rescue Services, Maryland National Park and Planning Commission, and other County Public Agencies.


  • Implementation of FiberNet is expected to save the county $200 million over 20 years
  • Changing to fiber optic technology from existing copper wire provides the County with a unique opportunity to obtain significantly greater transmission capacity
  • Integrated communications capability that can support voice, data, and video transmission simultaneously
  • The existing ATMS copper plant will be integrated into FiberNet
  • Information and resource sharing
For more information about Fibernet visit: Fibernet Home
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