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Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC)

Montgomery County Detention Center

Suzy Malagari, Warden
1307 Seven Locks Road
Rockville, Maryland 20854

Telephone: (240) 777-9960
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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The Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC) is responsible for the intake and processing of adult male and female offenders and has a capacity of up to 200 inmates. Approximately 13,000 offenders are booked into Central Processing Unit annually.  The facility operates as the Intake unit providing psychological screening, medical screening, and risk assessment to determine the appropriate classification level of inmates and to provide for initial care, custody and security of inmates for up to 72 hours prior to their transfer to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF).

The Office of the Public Defender determines the eligibility of offenders for legal representation. The Inmate Services Intake Unit assesses inmate risks and needs, utilizing classification and case management tools. 

Programs and Services Information 

Custody & Security (240) 777-9763
Central Processing Unit (240) 777-9795
Commissioner Office Posting Bail (301) 610-7217
Food Services (240) 777-9755
Inmate Accounting (240) 773-9731
Inmate Services (240) 777-9962
Medical Services (240) 777-9773