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Robert L. Green, Director


22880 Whelan Lane
Boyds, Maryland 20841
(240) 777-9976
(240) 773-9966
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Facilities and Divisions

Montgomery County Detention Center
Montgomery County Correctional Facility

Suzy Malagari, Warden 
Montgomery County Detention Center
Montgomery County Correctional Facility
(240) 777-9978
Shelford A. Gilliam
Deputy Warden, MCCF
Custody And Security
(240) 773-9842
Gale Starkey
Deputy Warden, MCCF
Inmate Programs and Services
(240) 773-9901
Ellen Christine Johnson
Deputy Warden, MCCF
Facility Operations
(240) 777-9928
Suzy Malagari
Warden, MCDC
Intake and Release Operations
(240) 777-9978

Pre-Trial Services

Angela Talley, Chief
Pre-Trial Services
(240) 777-5400
Tina Michaels, Program Manager
Pre-Trial Supervision
(240) 777-5419
Frank Rini, Diversion Manager
Intervention Program for Substance Abusers
Alternative Community Service
(240) 777-5444
Laura Dupree, Program Supervisor
Pre-Trial Assessment Unit
(240) 777-9830

Pre-Release And Reentry Services

Angela Talley, Chief
Pre-Release and Reentry Services
(240) 773-4200
Ben Stevenson
Deputy Chief, Security and Facility
(240) 773-4212
Angela Talley, Chief
Programs and Services
Program and Services
(240) 773-4242
Tyrone Alexander
Reentry Services Manager
Assessment and Quality Services
(240) 773-4222

Director's Office

Ivonne Gutiérrez-Anglin, Manager
Human Resources
(240) 777-9759
Florence Bartlett-Vanderpuye, Manager
Fiscal Service Management
(240) 773-9728
Brenda Sims, Manager
Information Technology &
(240) 777-9984
Craig Dowd, Manager
Budget & Procurement
(240) 777-9982