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2017 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

Resolution No. Title Adopted
ZTA-17-14 Walls and Fences - Setback Exemption Introduced
ZTA-17-13 Exemptions - Public Taking Introduced
ZTA-17-12 Definitions – Rear Building Line Introduced
ZTA-17-11 Antennas on Existing Structures - Satellite Dishes Introduced
ZTA-17-10 White Flint 2 Parklawn - Overlay Zone Introduced
ZTA-17-08 Bed and Breakfast - Historic Buildings Introduced
SRA-17-01 Approval Procedures – Burial sites Enacted - Ord. No. 18-31
ZTA-17-07 Light Manufacturing and Production – Brewing and Distilling Introduced
ZTA-17-06 Agricultural Zone - Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Requirements Introduced
ZTA-17-05 Ripley/Silver Spring South Overlay Zone – Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-29
ZTA-17-04 Country Inn – Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-32
ZTA-17-03 Accessory Residential Uses – Short-Term Rental Enacted - Ord. No. 18-30
ZTA-17-02 Overlay Zone - Regional Shopping Center Introduced
Zoning Text Amendments

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