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2004 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

Resolution No. Title Adopted
ZTA / SRA No. Title Status
04-27 Impervious Surface Requirements for the RE-2, RE-1, Rural, RC, and RDT Zones Lapsed
04-26 A New Mixed-Use Zone Adopted
04-25 Camp Retreat Facility in Rural Cluster Zone Adopted
04-24 Cherry Hill Road Employment Area Overly Zone Adopted
04-23 Private Educational Institution in the I-1 Zone Adopted
04-22 Building Height - Silver Spring Overlay Zone Adopted
04-21 Country Inn Zone Adopted
04-20 Building Heights Adopted
04-19 Large Retail Store Lapsed
04-18 Environmental Overlay for the Upper Rock Special Protection Area Adopted
04-17 Various Modifications to the RNC Zone Adopted
04-16 Local Map Amendment Traffic Test - Metro Station Policy Area Adopted
04-15 Historic Preservation PD Zone Waivers Adopted
04-14 MPDU Dwelling Unit Types Adopted
04-13 MPDUs Sector Plan Conformity Requirement Exceptions - CBD& RMX Optional Method of Development Projects Adopted
04-12 MPDUs Public Space Requirement - CBD, Transit Station Zones Adopted
04-11 MPDUs - Building Coverage and Green Area Standards - Multifamily Zones Adopted
04-10 Accessory Apartments Lapsed
04-09 Eating and Drinking Establishments in C-O, C-P and O-M Zones Adopted
04-08 Security Pavilions - Residential and Agricultural Zones Adopted
04-07 Sign Regulations - Exemption Adopted
04-06 Site Plan Enforcement Agreements - Elimination Adopted
04-05 Eating and Drinking Establishment in C-O Zone Adopted
04-04 Special Exception for Combination Retail Establishments Adopted
04-03 Special Exceptions - Hearing Provisions Adopted
04-02 Variances and Special Exceptions Lapsed
04-01 Additional Height in CBD-2 Zone Adopted
Zoning Text Amendments

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