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Active Montgomery


Montgomery County Public School Indoor Facilities   


Schools are great places to conduct a wide variety of activities-classes, performances, camps, cultural and religious programs, recreational activities, and more. We have more than 200 school sites, each with several rooms, both large and small, available for use by the community. Please note that each facility has specific guidelines and restrictions.

New Reservation Software

We have migrated to a new reservation software with a greater level of customer access and features. Indoor school facilities went live to the public in  ActiveMONTGOMERY at 8:30 a.m. on August 1, 2016, for dates of use beginning with the second day of school. All community user group representatives should create an account in the new software well in advance of use. Below are some resources for the new software:


Permit fee is based on facility type, group type, activity and event date/time. Please refer to our current  Fee schedule.

Facility Use Subsidy Program

For information and how to apply to the Facility Use Subsidy Program,  click here.

Cancellation/Adjustment Policy

All requests for cancellations or adjustments must be submitted in writing and received during normal office hours. No refund of facility charges is made without adequate notice. Otherwise, all facility fees will be retained. No refunds or credit for permits that are not cancelled in a timely manner even if the space is not used. All applications represent a financial obligation if a permit is issued.
$25 cancellation/adjustment fee applies for all cancellations or changes except as noted below. A minimum of 10 business days notice is required.
$50 cancellation fee applies for camps and clinics with 20 business days notice.
Cancellation/Date Change Policy for Special Events:
46 days' notice or more ......................... $50 cancellation fee
31-45 days' notice ................................. 25% of facility charges + $50 cancellation fee
10-30 days' notice ................................. 50% of facility charges + $50 cancellation fee
less than 10 business days' notice...... 100% of facility charges
Extra Fees will be retained with less than two full business days notice for all rentals.

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